Martha Stewart – Dr Oz – Passionflower To Help You Sleep

Martha Stewart on Dr Oz says to sleep try Passionflower Extract or Chamomille Tea at night as they both relax the nervous system and quiets the mind. Milky Oat Seed is great as it helps you sleep when you are overtired.

Dr Oz has also recommended passionflower tea to reducing anxiety.

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30 drops of Passionflower Tincture

Herb Pharm Passionflower 1 Ounces

15 drops of Milky Oat Seed

Wild Oat Milky Seed 1 Ounces

15 drops of Skullcap Tincture
Skullcap Extract 1 Ounces

Passionflower was also recommended by Dr Oz contributor Dr Pina LoGuidice on the Katie Couric show as a great aid for sleep.

Dr Oz: Nature’s Sleep Aid – Passionflower

Dr. Mike Dow on Dr. Oz recommended Passion Flower Powder  to help people staying asleep and is not addictive. Really helps relieve anxiety and actually helps relax all the tension in your muscles. Also works on your brain similarly to Valium. Since it is not addictive you can take it when you need it as a result.

It is very versatile so you can take it in many ways:

1/2  to full teaspoon one hour before bedtime in food or milk.   You can also steep it because it tastes so good.

1 pound should equate to 100 servings.

Can also put it in your bath and has a great scent.


You can also get Passion Flower in an extract

or in a supplement form

Also in a tea

To Fall Asleep
Dr. Dow also recommended L-Theanine which is a naturally occurring amino acid which is wonderful for helping you fall a sleep as it calms your brain down and eases your anxiety.

Take 200 mg 1 hour before bed

White Noise Light is a free app you can get on your iPhone which feeds ambient noises to help you relax and block irritating noises.

During the Day for anxiety and stress D you can take Lemon Balm Extract which again is not addictive and will not make your drowsy the way Valium will.

Lemon Balm Extract is a natural remedy that has no side effects.

You can take it up to three times a day when needed pour a dropper full (about 60 drops) in a glass of water.

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